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Fifth Grade Activities


The focus at Pali is on team-building and outdoor education.  The children complete various challenges on a low-ropes course, do archery, create artwork from natural found items, learn how to build a shelter and a fire pit to cook outdoors.  Evening activities include astronomy hikes and discussions and a science Jeopardy game.  Also, the students engage in team-building activities to build trust in each other and confidence in their own physical skills.   For more information, visit the Pali website: and watch a Pali video

Griffith Observatory

To extend the unit on astronomy, the 5th grade travels to the Griffith Observatory. Here, students observe the sun through the Observatory's telescopes using solar filters, view actual meteorites in the exhibits, and see a scientist create a comet using dry ice. The children can measure their relative weights on each of the planets through one of the museum's interactive displays.


Riley's Farm

Set in the foothills of Oak Glen, Riley's Farm offers hands-on experiences with colonial life.  Students participate in a smuggling trial, assist a farmer's wife in making bread for an entire regiment, and play colonial games.  The entire 5th grade will train as foot soldiers for the civilian militia during the Revolutionary War, eat a lunch of a soldier's ration, and participate in a battle re-enactment.

Ben Franklin Visit

Our fifth graders will go back to Colonial times to experience a lecture and demonstrations from the elder statesman himself and will learn about the early printing press from a Colonial printer.