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Fourth Grade Activities

Science Expo

The Fourth Grade Science Expo is an opportunity for fourth graders to design a science investigation and show their knowledge of the scientific method. We invite all parents to learn about science!





Famous Californian Living Museum

Our fourth grade students will be working on a special project called a “Famous Californian Living Museum”. At Open House, we invite families and guests to see costumed “Famous Californians” as they share their contributions to the development and growth of California.

Pioneer Day

Pioneer Day is a culmination of one of California's most defining events, the Gold Rush of 1849. News of the gold discoveries brought thousands of people from across the country and world, changing California overnight into a land with a booming population. On Pioneer Day our fourth graders will experience the lives of gold miners. Our costumed and hardy pioneers will pan for gold in frigid waters, pump their own water, knead dough for bread, play with pioneer toys, and sing songs around a campfire. After a spirited session of square dancing, the pioneers will cap their day with a satisfying meal of "sowbelly and beans" and quench their thirst with sarsaparilla.