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Some examples include:

  • Three-day adventure at Pali Camp
  • Art study at the Getty Museum and MOCA
  • Virtual field trips through videoconferencing with NASA and the CA State Parks Dept.
  • Botanical studies in the Balboa Gardens and Life Cycle Pond
  • Multi-discipline after school program
  • Instrumental music program
  • Vocal music program



Welcome to Balboa Gifted/High Ability Magnet! The mission of Balboa Magnet is to engage students from all social, cultural, economic and linguistic backgrounds in a comprehensive and challenging educational program that fosters academic excellence and responsible citizenship through the timeless basics of teaching: strong discipline, character education, high expectations of students, and the development of effective work habits. Balboa Magnet encourages all its students to become life-long learners by offering unforgettable experiences developed by our talented team of 27 highly trained, creative teachers.





Since 1978, Balboa Gifted Magnet has welcomed thousands of gifted and high-ability students through its doors, and graduated some of the most well-prepared, disciplined and top-performing students in the state. Built upon the dedication of its talented educators, Balboa Magnet holds several honorable distinctions:

  • National Blue Ribbon School 1988 & 2021
  • California Distinguished School
  • California Gold Ribbon School
  • One of the top public elementary schools in all of California